About Us

Moment helps people disconnect from their phones and get back their time.

Almost half of global smartphone users spend more than five hours a day on their mobile device, and a majority of adults feel like the way they use their phone is unhealthy. As scientists share increasingly alarming stats about the impact of smartphones on our attention spans, memory, mental health and relationships with loved ones, the tech industry is just beginning to awaken to the magnitude of this epidemic.

Moment is the leading app in reducing phone usage through coaching. And it works. So far, Moment has given over 9 million people their time back. Those who utilize the Moment Coach gain an hour back each day by applying simple strategies that reduce their phone usage. Everyday, all Moment users combined get back 49 years of time to spend on what really matters to them — meaningful experiences with friends and family, exploring their passions, and living life in the moment.

Moment was created by Kevin Holesh, a software developer and designer, after he realized how much his phone addiction impacted his real-world relationships. Kevin has worked as a developer for several start-ups and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Duquesne University.

Tim Kendall is the CEO of Moment, an app that helps adults and children use their phones in healthier ways. Tim is the former President of Pinterest — at various points, he led product development, engineering, marketing and sales. Prior to Pinterest, Tim was Facebook’s Director of Monetization, where he led the development of Facebook’s advertising business. Tim serves on the board of UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. He earned his engineering degree and MBA from Stanford University.

Moment is headquartered in Burlingame, California.