Battery Tips

Because Moment runs in the background to track your iPhone and iPad use, it’s constantly using a tiny bit of battery power. There are a bunch of things you can do to make Moment more power efficient.

Here’s what my battery usage looks like:

My iPhone's battery usage. Moment using 8%.

8% for tracking my screen time for 18 hours. Not bad.

Remember, that’s not “8% of my battery.” That’s “8% of the battery power that was used during this time period,” which ended up being 64% during those 24 hours in the screenshot. Moment used 5% of my overall battery (8% of 64%).

To put it in less confusing terms, here’s how Moment’s battery use stacks up against some other apps on my phone1:

18 hours of tracking your screen time2.2 hours of listening to podcasts in Overcast
18 hours of tracking your screen time21 minutes of scrolling Twitter in Tweetbot
18 hours of tracking your screen time21 minutes of scrolling Pinterest
18 hours of tracking your screen time18 minutes of streaming videos on YouTube
18 hours of tracking your screen time18 minutes of wandering around Instagram
18 hours of tracking your screen time17 minutes of messing around in Facebook
18 hours of tracking your screen time13 minutes of chatting in Snapchat
18 hours of tracking your screen time9 minutes of surfing the web in Safari

All told, Moment uses the same amount of battery to track your screen time all day as spending about 16 minutes on your phone. I like to call Moment “battery neutral.” The average person who installs Moment will decrease their daily screen time by 26 minutes in the first two weeks. Moment will use a bit of your battery to help you do that, but you’ll come out ahead because you’ll be saving more battery power by cutting back your screen time. After installing Moment, your overall battery life should be longer.

Ironically, the better Moment does at helping you reduce your screen time, the worse Moment will look on what I affectionately call the Battery Shame screen you saw above. At 3 hours of screen time in a day, Moment will use about 8%. At 2 hours of screen time, about 13%. At one hour of screen time, Moment might be as high as 20%.

The one redeeming thing is that if you’re using your phone for less than an hour a day and Moment is running that entire day, your battery should definitely last all day.

You can see your own by opening the Battery Shame screen inside the Settings app > Battery. If you see Moment near the top, follow these steps:

1. Charge your phone every night

You’ll notice above that I said “18 hours” and not “24 hours.” Moment is tracking my screen time 24 hours a day, but it’s only running off battery power when I’m awake. I plug my phone in every night to charge while I’m asleep.

If you do the same and you’re on a relatively new phone — less than 2 years old — you shouldn’t have any battery issues with average screen time, which is 2 hours 34 minutes across every Moment user.

2. Keep Moment running in the background

Leave Moment running in the background as consistently as possible. If Moment is quit, it restarts itself automatically, but in a much less battery efficient mode. After it restarts, it takes an hour or so to snap into its more accurate, more battery efficient mode.

The longer you leave Moment running in the background, the more battery efficient it will be.

3. Use your phone less

Ironically enough, if you want to make the biggest battery impact you can, use your phone less. If you’re not getting through the day and you’re rockin’ a brand new iPhone 6s, you might be using your phone too much. Installing and running Moment does use battery power, but it will pale in comparison as the power needed to run your bright screen and the rest of your apps.

Note: If you do succeed in using your phone less, Moment will use less overall battery power because Moment goes into a power-saving mode when you’re not actively on your phone. However, on the Battery Shame screen, Moment will appear as a higher percentage because you’re using your other apps less.

4. Stay up-to-date with the latest version of the app

Just check the App Store app for Updates to Moment every once in a while. I’m constantly improving the battery usage in new releases.

5. Set up a passcode or Touch ID

Open your Settings app > Touch ID & Passcode > Turn Passcode On, if it already isn’t on. You can set up Touch ID here too.

Demo of turning on a passcode for your iPhone

6. Turn on auto-brightness

Open your Settings app > Display & Brightness and turn Auto-Brightness on. This will help your screen brightness save battery in different lighting conditions.

Demo of turning on auto-brightness for your iPhone

7. Turn off some notifications

Open your Settings app > Notifications, then scroll down and turn off all of the notifications you don’t absolutely need on. This tip will save you a TON of battery life, although not specifically with Moment.

Demo of turning off notifications you don't really need

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