Why is there a difference between what Moment and Apple’s Screen Time are reporting for my phone usage?

Moment and Apple’s Screen Time track your phone usage in a slightly different way. Apple counts your raw screen time. If your screen is on, Apple is counting that. Moment sometimes ignores the time when your screen is on.

For example, if you’re in another room and you get a notification, your screen will light up for 15 seconds. That 15 seconds counts in Apple’s Screen Time, but doesn’t count in Moment. The average person gets 150 notifications per day, so that adds up to a lot of screen time, even if you weren’t actively looking at your phone.

Also, Moment lets you exclude some apps from counting in your total screen time. The most common example is navigation apps (Maps, Google Maps, Waze, etc). By default, Moment doesn’t count screen time while your phone is charging, so your 2-hour drive using Maps doesn’t count for an entire 2 hours worth of screen time. Your eyes were hopefully on the road, not your screen.

Because of those reasons, Moment will usually be a bit lower than Apple’s Screen Time.

On iOS, Moment is measuring my screen time, but the numbers seem inaccurate. What can I do to make sure my screen time is super accurate?

Sometimes Moment isn’t perfect at detecting your screen time, especially in the first few days of using it.

If you want Moment to be super accurate (and save a ton of battery), the best thing to do would be to set up a passcode or Face ID to unlock your device. You can do that from your Settings app > Face ID & Passcode. That will make Moment 100% accurate in measuring all of the time your phone is unlocked, and skip the entire calibration process Moment goes through at the beginning of using the app.

If you have a passcode or Face ID set up and Moment still doesn’t seem correct, check out your Settings app > Face ID & Passcode, and look at the Require Passcode setting. If that’s anything other than Immediately, your phone remains unlocked even after you turn the screen off with the power button. Moment counts all of the time your phone is unlocked, so it adds 5 (or so) minutes onto every time you unlock your phone. That setting needs to be set to Immediately in order for Moment to measure your screen time accurately.

On iOS, I’m using Sleep Cycle and Moment is counting screen time in the middle of the night while I’m sleeping. What’s going on?

Moment counts all of the time your phone is unlocked. There are a few sleep tracking and alarm clock apps that trick your phone into staying unlocked. The most popular example is Sleep Cycle.

There’s a few things you can do to use Moment with Sleep Cycle:

  1. Set Moment to stop counting screen time while you’re phone is charging. Do that from Moment’s settings, and make sure the Track While Charging switch is off.

  2. You can simply lock your phone after you start up Sleep Cycle. The app will work just fine with your phone locked, and Moment won’t count any of that time.

Right now, there is no way to delete that incorrect tracking of your screen time overnight.

What is a pickup?

A pickup is each separate time you turn on your phone screen. If you pull your phone out of your pocket, respond to a text, then put it back, that counts as “1 pickup” inside Moment. If you spend 2 hours watching a movie without putting your phone down, that also counts as “1 pickup.”

What is a Moment account?

A Moment account is used to start or join a Moment Group. To sign up for a Moment account, you’ll need to use Sign in with Apple.

I use my GPS app while I’m driving and I don’t want that to count. How do I make that happen?

The best — and safest — solution is to use Maps, Waze, or Google Maps with the voiceover navigation while your phone is locked.

  1. Start up your directions before you start driving.
  2. Press the power button to lock your phone.
  3. Put your phone upside down in the cupholder with the screen facing away from you.
  4. Listen to the voice directions from Siri.

Moment won’t log any of that time and your eyes will remain safely on the road.

Also, you can set up Moment to stop counting screen time while you’re phone is charging. Do that from Moment’s settings, and make sure the Track While Charging switch is off.

How do I manage/cancel my old Moment Coach subscription?

You can manage your subscription from the Settings app > Your Apple ID and picture at the top.

How much cellular data does Moment use?

Moment shouldn’t use much data at all, almost none. In our testing, it uses at the very most 10 MB per month, about the same as visiting four websites.

You can check how much Moment has used in your Settings app > Cellular > Moment. You can even turn off Moment’s access to your cellular data there and Moment will still measure your screen time.

If you’re using the Moment Groups to sync your screen time, Moment will use slightly more cellular data, but still not anything to write home about.

Measuring Screen Time

Does it count when I’m listening to music, on a phone call, or using FaceTime?

Moment only counts your “screen time.” If your screen is off, Moment will not count listening to music or talking on a phone call.

The one exception to this is FaceTime. Your screen is on, but FaceTime calls will not be counted as screen time.

Does Moment have to be in the background to measure my screen time?

Short answer: Yes. Moment must be running in the background to measure when you’re using your phone. It does not have to be open and active. You can press the home button and leave Moment in the background, but you cannot completely force quit the app (swiping up from the multitasking menu).

On iOS, Moment seems to be draining my battery. How can I fix this?

Because Moment is constantly running in the background to measure your screen time, I’ve created a page especially for making Moment as battery efficient as possible. Currently, Moment uses about 5% of your overall battery to count your screen time all day. You should barely notice it.

Does Moment work if my phone is in Airplane Mode?


Measuring App Use

I want to track what apps I’m using the most. What happened to the App Use Detection feature?

We made the hard decision to remove this feature to track what apps you’re using the most. After years of supporting it, we decided it wasn’t worth the hacky solution that it was.

This decision was mostly brought on by Apple’s release of Screen Time in 2018. It’s a much better way to track what apps and categories of apps you’re using. We just couldn’t compete with a built-in solution like that.


On iOS, why does Moment need to track the places I go to automatically measure my screen time?

To automatically measure your screen time, Moment must be running in the background tagging the locations where you are using your phone.

If you’re concerned about privacy, know that we are too. Location data is stored on your physical phone in a secure place that other apps cannot touch. Moment never sends that location data over the internet and we personally never see that data, by design. Your location data is your private data and we have no desire to collect it or sell it to anybody.

When you delete Moment from your phone, that location data is gone forever. For more details, read through Moment’s privacy policy.

If you’re concerned about Moment killing your battery, the GPS tracking doesn’t affect your battery much. We’ve worked really hard to minimize that impact. That feature uses about 0.25% of your battery per day, slightly more if you’re moving around a lot.

We’ve put together a battery tips page with instructions on how to check how much battery Moment is using for you, and tips to improve it.

Where is my data stored and sent? Can I completely destroy my data?

You can find information about what data Moment collects and where it is stored in our Privacy Policy.

Any other legal pages I should know about?

Read through our Terms of Service, if you’re curious.

Can I export my data?

Yes. Open Moment and go into the settings. In the Advanced section, tap Email Exported Data. You can use this to email your data to yourself using the Mail app in two formats: a human readable version and a raw JSON version.

Does Moment have an API or automatic export?

No. There is no public API for Moment or any kind of way to automate the export of your Moment data.

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